Our Story


Welcome to SPICES

Our Mission & Ethos

We strive to extend God’s love to the community by developing and implementing support services for children with learning disabilities so that their full potential may be realized.


Every man, woman and child is valuable in the eyes of God.  Each person’s presence, whatever the measure of his or her abilities, adds to the richness and diversity of life.  The old adage that ‘variety is the spice of life’ embodies a part of what SPICES believes in as we work with children with learning disabilities.

How We Started

Our Founder
It all started with one person, Mabel Tan. She had the desire to do something meaningful with her resources–especially for children in need. In 1995, it was finally decided to set up an Early Intervention Programme (EIP) centre, since this was one area that was distinctively lacking in support by the general public.

An EIP Committee was then formed under Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church with Mr. C. K. Diong and Ms. Wong Poh Wan at the helm to plan and implement this work. It officially opened its doors on 10 March 1997. However, Mabel passed away in February, 2 weeks before the launch of SPICES.

The acronym SPICES was chosen for this centre not only because it stands for Support for Parents, Infants andChildren through Early Services but also because children with special needs add spice & flavour to our community.

In April 2010, SPICES was registered as a society under the Registrar of Societies. We continue to provide Early Intervention and School Age Programmes, training courses for parents and teachers,  as well as assessment and counselling services. We strive to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs and in the field of special education.


Meet Our Committee

Our Committee serves voluntarily and all donations go directly to the running costs of the center.

Mr. Sin Tiew Cheo


Mr. Simon Hoo Hock Chwee

Deputy Chairman

Mdm Soong Pek Ling


Mdm Lo Soomy


Mdm Audrey Yeoh Poh Hwa

Vice Treasurer

Dato’ Kenny Ng Bee Ken

Committee Member

Mdm Anne Chua Wei Khoon

Committee Member

Dr. Chew Poy Hoe

Committee Member