Books for the heart, mind & soul

If you would like to recommend books that you have read, please feel free to contact us to have it published here.

Visual Strategies for Improving Communication (by Linda A. Hodgdon, M.ED., CCC- SLP) Practical Supports for School & Home

  • Contains numerous strategies to enhance communication interactions for students who experience autism and other moderate to severe communication disorders
  • A “how-to” book
  • Full of examples and illustrations

More Than Words (by Fern Sussman)

  • A step-by-step guide for parents of preschool children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other social communication difficulties.
  • Each chapter is divided into four color-coded stages for communication.
  • Full of practical ideas and colorful illustrations.

A Work In Progress (by Ron Leaf and John McEachin)

  • In this book, the author presents behavior management strategies and a curriculum for intensive behavioral treatment of Autism.

It Takes Two to Talk (by Ayala Manolson)

  • A parent’s guide to helping children communicate.

Solving Behavior Problems in Autism (by Linda A. Hodgdon, M.ED., CCC- SLP)

Are you frustrated by the inevitable communication breakdowns and communication difficulties that occur regularly with your more challenging students? Then this is the book for you!

  • Solving Behavior Problems in Autism
  • Provide very practical and pragmatic approaches to manage problem behaviors.
  • Packed with Samples and Examples of strategies that have worked to improve communication and solve behavior problems.