Resource Center

Our commitment as a resource center

SPICES is committed to the development of training resources and local teaching aids. We have utilised our training materials to train teachers from other centres as well as parents, volunteers and university students doing their practicuum at our centre.

Over the years, our staff have also built up local teaching resources and these have been freely shared with personnel from other centres and schools who have come to us for help and support.

SPICES resource centre had it official opening on 7th September 2013. We had a great opening ceremony and you can find out more about the open day events on our website. Now you can sign up as a member by checking out more information at our resource centre.


We are in the midst of setting up an online library for our members to access helpful & relevant books.



Here are a list of recommended books by SPICES. Recommendations are also welcomed.



There are lotsĀ of online resources that will give you ideas and creativity for children’s development. Here are some that we would like to share.